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The Official Site of the Biloxi Shuckers Biloxi Shuckers

Schooner and the Shuckers have designed special baseball-themed content to help children continue learning in a fun and informative way.

Learn geography, math and history with Schooner through worksheets and videos as we explore how all of these subjects impact the Shuckers!


There are many ways that math is involved in all aspects of baseball.

In our first worksheet, calculate a players batting average, figure out their ERA and solve other questions related to the numbers surrounding baseball.


Baseball is an international game and the Shuckers have had players from all over the country and all over the world play in Biloxi.

Learn about the countries that Shuckers' players come from and locate them on the map. Then, see where the most number of players come from both from inside the United States and internationally.


Download our Schooner's School worksheet to answer questions about the history of baseball in Biloxi and along the Mississippi Coast

Other Activities

Hit The Books At Home

With most schools continuing to do online coursework, the Biloxi Shuckers are excited to bring back their 'Hit the Books At Home' program for 2021. Students can download a 'Hit the Books' bookmark and have parents initial for every book that their child reads. Once students have completed six books, a guardian can complete the form at the top of this page in exchange for a free Shuckers ticket with the purchase of an adult ticket of equal value to select Shuckers games Sunday through Thursday. Games and tickets are subject to availability. Program will run March through May 28th; all forms must be submitted before then to be eligible to receive a free 'Hit the Books At Home' program.

Any questions about the 'Hit the Books At Home' program or to redeem your students completion form can be directed to Stephanie Chapman at [email protected].

Children from grades Kindergarten through 8th are eligible to participate in the 'Hit The Books' program presented by Chevron.