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San Jose Giants Pregame Radio Interviews

Joe Ritzo interviews players, coaches and staff throughout the season on the San Jose Giants Pregame Show

April 12th - Lipso Nava

Giants Manager Lipso Nava sat down to preview the 2022 season and what he's most looking forward to after his last campaign in the South Bay.

April 14th - Grant McCray

Outfielder Grant McCray discusses the impact of the 2021 Championship run on himself and how he hopes to build on last year's success in San Jose again this year.

April 19th - Lipso Nava

Nine games into the season, Giants Manager Lipso Nava joins Joe Ritzo to talk about how his young team has responded early on to the changes that come with professional baseball.

April 21st - Mason Black

Starting Pitcher Mason Black sat down to discuss the excitement of his first season after being drafted in the 3rd round of last years draft, while also explaining his strategy transitioning to professional baseball.

April 26th - Lipso Nava

Lipso Nava shares his excitement after the San Jose Giants left Visalia with a 5-1 series win highlighted by dominant pitching.

April 28th - Keaton Winn

Starting Pitcher Keaton Winn is coming off a 2021 that consisted of rehabbing from Tommy John surgery and discusses how it’s felt to make his return to baseball this year.

May 3rd - Lipso Nava

After a tough series against Modesto, Manager Lipso Nava focuses on his team's professional mentality after getting the offense going during Sunday’s contest, while looking ahead to this week's matchup in Stockton.

May 5 - Nick Sinacola

Nick Sinacola joins Joe Ritzo to talk about his first professional season and being one of several 2021 draftees on this San Jose team.

May 10 - Lipso Nava

Coming off a series victory in Stockton, Lipso Nava catches up with Joe to discuss the offense coming to life in last week's road trip.

May 12 - Vaun Brown

Coming off a Cal League Offensive Player of the Week performance, Vaun Brown sits down to talk about his recent surge and his hopes to build on this early success throughout the season.

May 24 - Lipso Nava

Joe Ritzo rejoins the San Jose Giants this week, after his San Francisco Giants assignment, and catches up with Lipso Nava about Mason Black’s promotion, Adrian Sugastey’s recent surge and last week’s Inland Empire Series.

May 26 - Eric Silva

Eric Silva sat down with Joe Ritzo this week to discuss his first professional season after facing high school competition just a year ago, and how the youngest pitcher in San Jose’s starting rotation has faired in the first two months of the season.

June 1 - Lipso Nava

Lipso Nava joins Joe Ritzo to discuss the long road trip, the addition of Riley Mahan and the impact experimental rules have on his coaching style.

June 2 - Matt Mikulski

Starting Pitcher Matt Mikulski shares thoughts on adjusting to his first full professional season on the West Coast after growing up in New York and the benefit of being around so many pitchers from the same draft class.

June 7 - Lipso Nava

The San Jose Giants travel south to Lake Elsinore this week and manager Lipso Nava joins Joe Ritzo to talk about the first half race and how his team is staying focused in the face of adversity this season.

June 9 - Najee Gaskins

San Jose Giants Outfielder Najee Gaskins talks about his experience joining such a talented roster the last month of the 2021 season in San Jose, and how he hopes to build off those experiences this season.

June 14 - Lipso Nava

The San Jose Giants return home this week and Manager Lipso Nava joins Joe Ritzo to discuss his team's challenging road trip against the first place Storm as well as the addition of some new faces to the Giants roster.

June 16 - Riley Mahan

San Jose Giants infielder Riley Mahan is one of the newest faces in the San Jose Giants clubhouse and Joe Ritzo sat down with him this week to talk about his adjustments from independent to affiliated baseball and how the Giants heard about him.

June 28 - Lipso Nava

The San Jose Giants kicked off their second half home schedule against the Modesto Nuts, and Lipso Nava joined Joe Ritzo to discuss all the roster shuffling that has occurred and how it opens the door for some of his younger players.

June 30 - Trevor McDonald

2019 draftee Trevor McDonald joins Joe Ritzo to reflect on how he's matured as a pitcher in his first few years as a Giant, along with his decision to turn professional out of high school.

July 4th - Lipso Nava

Coming off a tough fought series against Modesto, Joe Ritzo and Lipso Nava are back on the 4th of July to reflect on the highs and lows of the minor league season and what individual performances are standing out.