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Have yourself a merry little Cardsmas with the Springfield Cardinals Stocking Stuffer Special--offering a fun and affordable holiday gift option for all of the Cardinals fans on your list!

Each available item has a limited quantity, so order your Stocking Stuffer Special and pick out your item early for the best selection. Once purchased, you'll get to pick up your Stocking Stuffer at the Cardinals front office at 955 E Trafficway St.

The Cardinals Stocking Stuffer special includes:

  • Your choice of 1 available past Promotional Giveaway or Theme Item (full list below)
  • 2 ticket vouchers to a Springfield Cardinals home game in April 2023

All for only $28 (plus tax)!

The Stocking Stuffer Special will end on Thursday, December 22 at 12pm -- but don't wait because quantities are limited, so click the link below to order your stocking stuffers now!

How to Order

Holiday & Home

<h4 id="kids-pop-it">Kids Pop-It</h4> <p><em>Presented by Price Cutter &amp; Bar-S Foods</em></p>
<h4 id="christmas-ornament">Christmas Ornament</h4> <p><em>Presented by American National Insurance</em></p>
<h4 id="elf-on-the-shelf-ornament">Elf on the Shelf Ornament</h4> <p><em>Presented by Price Cutter &amp; Bar-S Foods</em></p>

Busch Stadium Exclusives

<h4 id="1942-world-series-beer-stein">1942 World Series Beer Stein</h4> <p><em>21-and-up</em></p><p><em>Busch Stadium Exclusive</em></p>
<h4 id="paul-goldschmidt-photo-frame-bobblehead">Paul Goldschmidt Photo Frame Bobblehead</h4> <p><em>Busch Stadium Exclusive</em></p>
<h4 id="1982-mystery-player-world-series-replica-ring">1982 Mystery Player World Series Replica Ring</h4> <p><em>Busch Stadium Exclusive</em></p>
<h4 id="1982-world-series-beer-stein">1982 World Series Beer Stein</h4> <p><em>21-and-up</em></p><p><em>Busch Stadium Exclusive</em></p>
<h4 id="stan-musial--red-schoendeinst-bobblehead">Stan Musial &amp; Red Schoendeinst Bobblehead</h4> <p><em>Busch Stadium Exclusive</em></p>
<h4 id="2011-molinawainwright-mystery-championship-replica-ring">2011 Molina/Wainwright Mystery Championship Replica Ring</h4> <p><em>Busch Stadium Exclusive</em></p>
<h4 id="2004-nl-champs-beer-stein">2004 NL Champs Beer Stein</h4> <p><em>21-and-up</em></p><p><em>Busch Stadium Exclusive</em></p>
<h4 id="whitey-herzog-fishing-bobblehead">Whitey Herzog Fishing Bobblehead</h4> <p><em>Busch Stadium Exclusive</em></p>
<h4 id="build-a-bear-2020-hall-of-fame-bear">Build-A-Bear 2020 Hall of Fame Bear</h4> <p><em>Busch Stadium Exclusive</em></p>
<h4 id="2006-world-series-beer-stein">2006 World Series Beer Stein</h4> <p><em>21-and-up</em></p><p><em>Busch Stadium Exclusive</em></p>
<h4 id="willie-mcgee-gnome-bobblehead">Willie McGee Gnome Bobblehead</h4> <p><em>Busch Stadium Exclusive</em></p>
<h4 id="budweiser-cornhole-bags">Budweiser Cornhole Bags</h4> <p><em>Busch Stadium Exclusive</em></p>
<h4 id="willie-mcgee-car-parade-bobblehead">Willie McGee Car Parade Bobblehead</h4> <p><em>Busch Stadium Exclusive</em></p>
<h4 id="jim-edmonds-car-parade-bobblehead">Jim Edmonds Car Parade Bobblehead</h4> <p><em>Busch Stadium Exclusive</em></p>
<h4 id="mike-shannon-bobblehead">Mike Shannon Bobblehead</h4> <p><em>Busch Stadium Exclusive</em></p>
<h4 id="nolan-arenado-bobblehead">Nolan Arenado Bobblehead</h4> <p><em>Busch Stadium Exclusive</em></p>


<h4 id="dylan-carlson-switch-hitter-bobblehead-left">Dylan Carlson Switch Hitter Bobblehead (Left)</h4> <p><em>Presented by Price Cutter &amp; Bar-S Foods</em></p>
<h4 id="dylan-carlson-switch-hitter-bobblehead-right">Dylan Carlson Switch Hitter Bobblehead (Right)</h4> <p><em>Presented by Price Cutter &amp; Bar-S Foods</em></p>
<h4 id="tommy-edman-gold-glove-bobblehead">Tommy Edman Gold Glove Bobblehead</h4> <p><em>Presented by Vision Clinic</em></p>
<h4 id="ted-simmons-bobblehead">Ted Simmons Bobblehead</h4> <p><em>Presented by Loren Cook Company</em></p>


<h4 id="victory-blue-polo">Victory Blue Polo</h4> <p><em>Presented by Mercy</em></p>
<h4 id="mystery-bp-shirt">Mystery BP Shirt</h4> <p><em>Presented by American National</em></p>
<h4 id="route-66-heather-blue-t-shirt">Route 66 Heather Blue T-Shirt</h4> <p><em>Presented by Aaron Sachs &amp; Associates</em></p>
<h4 id="super-soft-black-long-sleeve-shirt">Super Soft Black Long-Sleeve Shirt</h4> <p><em>Presented by Ozarks Coca-Cola</em></p>
<h4 id="orange--camo-stocking-cap">Orange &amp; Camo Stocking Cap</h4> <p><em>Presented by Ozark Fence &amp; Supply, Co.</em></p>
<h4 id="mesh-trucker-cap">Mesh Trucker Cap</h4> <p><em>Presented by Central Bank</em></p>