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Heritage Nights at Polar Park

Heritage Nights at Polar Park bring sights, sounds, and smells from around the globe to Polar Park! The WooSox introduced Heritage Nights in 2023 to celebrate different ethnic groups with strong ties to Worcester, Central Massachusetts, and New England. In 2023, we celebrated Albanian, Ghanaian, Greek, Italian, Irish, Jewish, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, and Southeast Asian Heritage! Heritage Night celebrations consist of pre-game recognitions highlighting members of each community, live performances of traditional music, a live rendition of the national anthem performed in its native language, and catering from local restaurants sold from our concession stands.

In 2024, Heritage Nights will expand, as we add celebrations of Caribbean and Indian heritages to our promotional calendar.

Ghanaian - April 6

Portuguese - April 16

Irish - June 21

Greek - July 5

Albanian - July 31

Jewish - July 9

Italian - August 3

Korean - August 15

Southeast Asian - August 17

Polish - August 30

Caribbean - July 14

Indian - June 7